Apple Watch Holders can now Update to WatchOS10.4 Best Update of 2024


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Apple has authoritatively carried out watchOS 10.4 for Apple Watch proprietors, with this update basically zeroing in on further developing client experience. The beta adaptations of watchOS 10.4 brought no new highlights, showing that Apple is zeroing in on working on the framework’s security and execution.

 This kind of update is fundamental to keep up with the smooth working of the gadgets and guarantee that any new elements presented in before adaptations work at their ideal level. Also, back-end refreshes are possible, particularly taking into account Apple’s endeavors to conform to the EU Computerized Markets Act.

Essentially, watchOS 10.3 brought no critical updates, Be that as it may, watchOS 10.2 brought expanded Siri incorporation and UI enhancements. It permitted Siri to get to wellbeing information, empowering clients to inquiry different wellbeing insights utilizing voice orders.


  • Tap to Show Full Notification
  • Using Apple Pay with Confirm with AssistiveTouch 
  • Fixes an issue that prevents contacts from syncing
  • Resolves an issue that prevents false touches on the display

Apple Watch New Update

Apple watch Holders can now update to watchOS 10.4

Apple has delivered watchOS 10.4, the fourth update to the watchOS 10 working framework, bringing a scope of new elements and fixes to improve the client experience. The update comes soon after watchOS 10.3 and presents huge changes, including new emoticon characters, upgrades to Siri, and fixes for specific issues influencing clients of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2. The following is a top to bottom investigation of the vital highlights and changes presented with watchOS 10.4.

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New Features of WatchOS 10.4

New Features of WatchOS 10.3 like Emoji Characters and Siri Enhancements
  • New Emoji Characters: watchOS 10.4 presents 28 new emoticon characters, including a lime, eatable earthy colored mushroom, phoenix, and sexually unbiased family emoticons, giving clients a more extensive scope of expressive choices for their messages.
  • Siri Enhancements: The update likewise carries enhancements to Siri, permitting clients to wake the individual partner with a straightforward “Siri” voice order rather than “Hello Siri.” Moreover, Siri can now peruse approaching messages in numerous dialects, upgrading its openness and convenience for a more extensive client base

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Integration of New Features

Integration of New Features like Integration with Apple Vision Pro and Bug Fixes
  • Integration with Apple Vision Pro: One remarkable expansion is the setting to incapacitate the Twofold Tap include on the Apple Watch while utilizing Vision Pro. This element forestalls impedance between the signals utilized for Apple Vision Pro and the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2, guaranteeing a consistent client experience for proprietors of the two gadgets.
  • Bug Fixes: The update tends to a bug that could make a few clients experience “phantom contacts” on the showcase, an issue that was influencing the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2. Furthermore, it settle an issue that keeps contacts from synchronizing to the Apple Watch for certain clients, guaranteeing a smoother and more solid client experience

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Other Notable Changes

Apple WatchOS 10.4 comes with very good changes like Apple Pay Enhancements
  • Expanded Notification Feature: watchOS 10.4 presents the “Tap to Show Full Notice” setting, permitting clients to twofold tap to extend warnings, giving a more helpful method for connecting with notices on the Apple Watch 12.
  • Apple Pay Enhancements: Utilizing Apple Pay with Affirm with AssistiveTouch will presently require a password for extra security and won’t uphold double tapping the side button, improving the security elements of Apple Pay for clients.
  • Security and Bug Fixes: The update incorporates different bug fixes, including settling an issue that makes a few clients experience misleading addresses the presentation, guaranteeing a more dependable and exact touch reaction. It additionally resolves an issue that keeps contacts from synchronizing to the Apple Watch for certain clients, working on the general usefulness of the gadget

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Image Credit By: Apple

All in all, watchOS 10.4 brings a large group of new elements, enhancements, and bug fixes, improving the usefulness and client experience of the Apple Watch. From new emoticon characters to Siri upgrades and bug fixes, the update exhibits Apple’s obligation to ceaselessly working on its items to meet the developing requirements of its clients.

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