Apple Falls to fourth place in China’s Smartphone deals Best of 2024


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China’s Smartphone market has kept on declining a long way in 2024, and neighborhood affiliates, for example, Huawei have overwhelmed Apple’s iPhone. After coming top in China generally in 2023, Apple has dropped to fourth place in the initial six weeks of 2024, as per Antithesis Exploration. The post-occasion time frame generally sees a huge drop in deals for all affiliates, however, what might be more critical is the decrease in China’s cell phone market.

Apple’s progress in the last quarter of 2023 prompted what appeared to be a stemming of the long stretches of decrease in China’s general deals. Contradiction’s most recent figures say that China’s market declined 7% year over year in these initial six weeks of 2024. Notwithstanding, Contrast noticed that a similar period in 2023 “saw unusually large numbers with huge unit deals being conceded from December 2022 because of creation issues, amplifying the negative YoY correlation.”

Apple’s iPhone deals in China have confronted a critical decay, making the organization drop to the fourth spot in cell phone deals inside the country. This drop in deals denotes a remarkable shift from its situation as the smash hit cell phone in China in 2023 2.

Market Share and Sale Decline

Apple's iPhone deals in China fell by 24%, losing its top position
Estimates by Counterpoint Research do not show any uptrend in Apple’s sales in China – the company reported a 24% fall that led to the market share shrinkage from 19% to 15.7% in the first six weeks of 2024. This has, in turn, meant that Apple is no longer the number one Retailer, giving the number spots to the likes of Huawei, Vivo, and Honor The rivalry is ratcheting up for Apple mainly in the high-end segment with the rise of Huawei, the tough pricing strategy of other domestic brands like OPPO, Vivo, and Xiaomi.

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Impact on Stock and Market

Apple's portions declined over 2% because of deals.

Yet there is no doubt that the new information about the Apple’s deals fighting in China presages drops for stocks since stocks drop by 2.5% on the lunch break of the morning. The fact that it concerns iPhones as the debilitating factor in China and also underlines the artificial intelligence advancement as the area where it has a lower scale, versus the competitors of the big techs, as well as exits from EVs, and antitrust risks, has taken a great deal from the company’s stock performance.

As a matter of fact, even optimistic Estimates, like that given by Dan Ira, had included warnings about Apple’s possibilities in the short run, among them slowing Chinese phone interest being singled out as the main hurdle. Perhaps Ives is not so enthusiastic about Apple’s performance in the short-term but remains positive about long-term success where it will face a renewed wave of supercharged demand for phone upgrades and competition from the tech giants in the AI space.

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Factors Contribute for Declining

Fierce opposition, the absence of critical iPhone redesigns prompted the decline.

The roles of several variables in the fall of Apple’s market stand in the Chinese market are subject to discussion. Such factors as the absence of built-in-significant-enhancements-in-the-latest-iPhones will encourage consumers to use their previously existing model devices for a longer time than they planned for. Similarly, those same commentators have pointed out that the lack of folding options is one of the reasons that Apple is not winning the market steal as fast as competitors like Samsung or Huawei that do.

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China's Market Landscape

China's market scene for cell phones turned out to be progressively aggressive and testing

Due to the intense competition in the Chinese smartphone market among domestic and foreign phones, brands face the challenge of a market share fight. Vivo has taken the lead as the best-selling phone in China and brands Honor, Apple, and Huawei are the ones that are in locations second, third, and fourth respectively. The success of Vivo which has been attributed to its emphasis on the less price-conscious segment of the smartphone market has remained its nucleus.

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Image Credit By: Gizchina

The forecast of a possible Apple comeback in the Chinese market in the near future can be seen even during the economic downturn at present. The market analysts picked the example of the aggressive promotions by the company right before China’s Women’s Day, together with the optimistic forecasts of future news flow, having received them as likely proof that the situation will take a better turn soon.

In the long run, experts are still confident about Apple’s prospects, projected surge in potential demand of consumers for phone upgrades, as well as the possibility of the company entering the AI industry. On the other hand, the firm may face great challenges in the Chinese market and remains to recover its old position there to the extent of time to be determined.

However, Apple’s four-run market share in China shows that the market in this region is tough and Apple faces many difficulties in maintaining a market stake with a huge number of other smartphone companies. Even though the short-term panorama will remain a challenge, the fact that the AI space in the national market still has future opportunities for resurgence and competition makes it possible to retain hope for the future of Apple in this industry.


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