Introduce the shocking allegation against State Senator Mitchell, who stands accused of burglary at her stepmother's home 

The Alleged Burglary

– Detail the events of the alleged burglary, where Mitchell was found in her stepmother's basement wearing black clothing and carrying stolen items.

Motive Revealed

– Discuss Mitchell's motive, citing her claims of retrieving sentimental items belonging to her deceased father due to strained family relations.

Caught in the Act

Describe Mitchell's arrest and her admission of guilt, acknowledging her wrongdoing in attempting to retrieve her father's belongings unlawfully 

Political Fallout

– Explore the reactions from political figures, including calls for resignation from both Majority Leader Erin Murphy and Minority Leader Mark Johnson.

Due Process

– Emphasize the importance of due process and Mitchell's right to a fair trial, as well as the necessity for difficult conversations with colleagues, constituents, and family.

Pink Blob

– Conclude by highlighting the gravity of the situation and the need for accountability, both legally and ethically, as the case unfolds.