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From the story of Andrea Pacheco, who worked as a product designer for Apple in 2021, Here are the top 9 lessons all Product designers can take from her story and incorporate them into their work life and achieve great results. Working for one of the greatest smartphone producing companies in the world that is currently one of the leading brands in the tech industry, She learnt many great lessons which all designers should take note of and improve themselves through.

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Great communication leads to great design

Great work results not only from individual effort but others supporting and speaking up for you hence why a good product designer must have the necessary communication skills to present his or her work in a persuasive and convincing manner. This goes from 1 on 1 conversations to meetings to presentations. Putting passion into your words, speaking with enthusiasm and displaying your ideas in a manner that connects with other people is truly what drives a project forward and Steve jobs is great at this. He always speaks in a way that reflects his overall charisma and connects with his audience whether those be customers or fellow team members.

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Storytelling makes a great product designer

When presenting a product, you aren’t merely presenting a problem solving gadget, It goes deeper than that. Develop a story, one that connects with the hearts of people and attracts them to what you’re trying to show. A story is great for any business idea. This goes back to our discussion on the importance of communication. Instead of using big technical statements trying to sound smart, Use one keynote, one bold sentence that conveys a story, an emotion that resonates with your audience and influences them towards what you’re trying to present. According to Andrea Pacheco, Designers at apple would put together a whole story to persuade others instead of just showing their work. 

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Big ideas lead to big wins

One key aspect of apple’s brand is that they are known to be innovative, always working towards the next best thing, releasing more and more products every year. This is thanks to their designers. Product Designers operate by thinking big. Instead of focusing on small and minor issues, They focus more on long term and work towards something that will drive the brand forward and blow everyone’s minds.

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Trust your gut

In the normal world, Product designers use user testing sites to have people review their products and give feedback but inside the confines of apple, The world operates differently. Company secrecy is of utmost importance and can never be compromised so this privilege is unavailable to designers at apple. In such cases, you need to learn to trust yourself or have your seniors give you feedback. Having an expert give feedback is way better than your normal person telling you what you did wrong.

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Focus on your craft

One of the reasons why designers want to work at apple is because there, you only have to focus on the making and execution of a product and don’t have to sit on the thinking desk. Apple has a separate team for coming up with ideas and designers can fully focus on the creating aspect of their work.

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Go the extra mile

A key aspect of apple’s work culture is that it pushes people to do extra, Go above and beyond the scope of their work or project. This practice is very healthy for designers as it pushes them forward and helps them explore their creative mind without shying away due to the fear of being rebuked. This should be practiced by product designers all over, not only limited to apple’s staff.

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Never compromise on quality

No Product designer should compromise on the quality of their work, Whether this makes them delay the release or they have to spend sleepless nights because of it. Apple takes customer satisfaction very seriously and tries their utmost to live up to the expectations of their audience. According to Andrea Pacheco, No product is released by apple without making sure that it can be launched on all available platforms.

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The art of declining

Working in a big industry means the opportunities are endless and the work never seems to finish but you can only do so much at once so don’t eat more than you can chew. Sometimes, It’s okay to say no to workload when you know you can’t handle it. Everybody wants to do everything at once but it’s better to focus on one thing and become a master at it.

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A top down culture isn't that bad

Apple has a top down culture. What this means is that there is always someone senior than you reviewing your work. This can be really healthy as it allows for genuine criticism and growth. If there aren’t any ego politics which is the case with apple then there is no reason to frown upon a top down culture. Rather, It helps you grow overall in your career.

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