I tried ChatGPT, Jasper, CopyAI, Trello, Asana, Monday, Notion, Google Docs, Obsidian, Lucid Chart, Whimsical, Miro, Slack, Zoom and Teams. But, this all-in-one app is a pleasant surprise i never thought existed.
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Taskade AI is the future of productivity apps. We are practically living in an age of artificial intelligence where every tech company nowadays is stepping foot in the realm of AI. Although Taskade is a new name not popular before but it gives strong competitions to it’s competitors like ChatGPT and OpenAI. It is designed to assist people of every field. There is AI for project management, for writers, for designers, for marketing and even for developers. This article will go over four facts about taskade that are bound to leave you impressed and wanting more.

Discover Taskade AI, your advanced AI productivity platform. Ideal for teams of any size, Taskade AI revolutionizes task management with Custom AI Agents and over 1000 templates. Build and train your AI agents for any role, enhance workflows with smart automation, and explore AI Chat for effective communication. Embrace the future of work with Taskade AI today!

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Dynamic workflows

One of the things that you will quickly pick on when using this app is that workflows in it are very dynamic and extremely flexible. You can visualize almost every aspect of your work in every possible dimension by the AI powered workflows that it offers. This includes:-

  1. lists
  2. boards
  3. tables
  4. calendars

If you want, It even allows you to generate to do lists, flow charts and SOPs. This boosts creativity in your work.

AI assistant

The AI assistant offered is such that it is designed to make tasks easier and help you brainstorm ideas and coordinate. From the multitude of personas offered, you can choose your specific ai persona in taskade to assist you in your tasks. Seamlessly get annoying and repetitive tasks done through your AI assistant and get help in real time with taskade.

Organize your thoughts with taskade

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If you’re someone who struggles with organizing your thoughts and always feel like there’s a mess in your brain then taskade is exactly what you need to bring your ideas to life. Not only does it provide you with tools to organise but at the same time acts like a second brain by mimicking how the human mind behaves. Just like the human brain, you can create infinite connections, synchronize everything and build a hierarchy. You can also switch between different views, such as lists, boards, tables, calendars, and mind maps, to see your information in different ways. Being a major productivity hack, taskade allows you to organize your ideas in an intuitive manner.

Teamwork is realwork

Not only is taskade an app that focuses solely on improving your productivity but the developers recognize the importance of teams and how significant it is for groups working on a single project to be in sync with another to boost productivity on a larger scale. Hence why you can also share your work through a clickable link whenever you want to whoever you want. You can instantly hop on calls to discuss work and taskade also offers a safe and secure workspace for everyone to seamlessly get work done. The experience is the same for people across multiple platforms, it doesn’t matter whether you’re on your phone, desktop or the web.

Conclusion and final remarks

Although taskade is an amazing app that everyone should use for their work and there are many features that make it stand out. It’s focus on ai automation, making repetitive annoying tasks easier in our daily life is important in an age where people highly value their time and the intuitive, friendly interface is even more impressive but it does come with it’s downsides. One of them that immediately comes to mind is the lack of focus on fixing existing issues due to a great emphasis on adding new and new features to the app.

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