Sony Inzone H5

Wireless Gaming Headset, 360 Spatial Sound, Works with PC, PS5, 28 Hour Battery, 2.4Ghz Wireless and 3.5mm Audio Jack, WH-G500 White

The Sony Inzone H5 is your perfect gaming buddy to go along with your PS5. When sony released the ps5 at first, An array of gadgets like microphones, headsets, cameras were released that go along with the latest play station. The Sony Inzone H5 is one of these. It is a significant upgrade over your  Pulse 3D wireless headset for PS5 and though it is more expensive than the pulse 3D. It gives extremely good value for the price it comes in.

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Sony Inzone H5: Unboxing

The Sony Inzone H5 comes in a box with a 3.5mm audio cable, a USB Type-C cable for charging and a USB Type-A transceiver compatible with both PS5 and PC. The design which will be discussed later in more detail is very close to the H3 pair released in the past.

Sony Inzone H5
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It comes with oval ear cups that are adjustable and have been folded to fit into the box and the headband is also adjustable so it can be the right fit for people of different head sizes etc.

Sony Inzone H5: Design

Once taken out of the box, One thing you’ll most likely notice is that it utilizes a lot of plastic which may make it look a bit cheap but it helps in comfort as the plastic makes it very light. It weighs half your usual Pulse 3D wireless headset. It’s a comfortable wear especially if you go for long gaming sessions without taking off your headsets. It feels light as a feather when worn and wouldn’t put strain on your ear at all. The headset is designed such that weight is put on the lower side of your ear and so there is no discomfort at the top of your ear.

Sony Inzone H5
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One of the most handy features in this design is that it instantly mutes you if you lift up your microphone. It also uses AI features to isolate clear audible audio in voice chat. Other features include:-

  • 3D spatial sound
  • boost bass
  • help low-frequency performance
  • 40mm drivers
  •  filters out ambient noises

Sony Inzone H5:Specs

Spec Detail


Approx. 260 g



Frequency response

5 Hz–20,000 Hz (IEC)


89 dB/mW

360 spatial sound



Approx. 3.5 hours

Battery life

Max. 28 hours

Cord type

Single-sided (detachable)

Cord length


Sony Inzone H5: Battery life/Performance

The H5 has been tested out by people on a variety of games and each time, it didn’t disappoint at all. The spatial sound offered gives a phenomenal experience not too dissimilar to the 3D plus headset but in some ways better. The H5 gives users a more natural and crisp sound rather than one loaded with bass which might not be that attractive as people tend to like bass but it is realistic.

Sony Inzone H5
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Sony claims that the Inzone H5 can survive till up to 28 hours on full battery. Many users have testified that these claims are not too exaggerated while i cannot guarantee the full 28 hours of function but it does have exceptionally well battery life in general. One of the biggest flaws with the Inzone H5 which cannot be ignored is the lack of bluetooth connectivity. Though you can switch between PS5 and PC easily with the usb connector and also the plugin wire but the ease that bluetooth offers is missing on this device. 

Sony Inzone H5: Pros and Cons



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Sony Inzone H5

Wireless Gaming Headset
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  • 360 Spatial Sound
  • Works with PC
  • 28 Hour Battery

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