One Plus 12 vs Google Pixel 8 Pro: Deeply Explained all Differences Between Two Powerful Devices

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December 4 is the date when the OnePlus 12 will be started to get going in the Chinese market, with the worldwide variant said to be delivered ‘not long after.’ So, assuming we are to take a gander at the timetable for significant telephone discharges in 2023, the most recent contender delivered would be Google’s Pixel 8 Pro.

On that note, we are here to look at this two pit these two Android fighters in the field and perceive how the stack faces one another. Fortunately, even though it isn’t out yet, we know a lot about the OnePlus 12.

One Plus 12 vs Google Pixel 8 Pro

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One Plus 12 vs Google Pixel 8 Pro Display

The OnePlus 12 should accompany a 6.8-inch show with a goal of 1440 x 3168 pixels, meaning it will be really sharp and far superior to its ancestor! It likewise has a high screen revive rate, with the capacity to go from 120Hz, for most extreme energy effectiveness and perfection relying upon the substance being shown.

The Pixel 8 Pro for the most part matches every last one of them, though with a somewhat more modest 6.7-inch size and 1344×2992 goal. All things considered, the distinction ought to be indistinct.

The Pixel 8 Pro gets truly brilliant at 2,400 nits, and the OnePlus 12 goes significantly higher, at 2,600 nits. The two telephones ought to be completely apparent without trying to hide, however, and bounty fit for offering super HDR content.

One Plus 12 vs Google Pixel 8 Pro

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One Plus 12 vs Google Pixel 8 Pro Performance

Google has yet to fabricate a chipset that can match any semblance of Qualcomm’s lead Snapdragon silicon right up to the present day. The Google Tensor G3 is undoubtedly a fair chip, even extraordinary with regards to AI, yet it essentially can’t match the strength of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3.

One Plus 12 vs Google Pixel 8 Pro Battery Life

The Pixel 8 Pro ended up being very great to the extent that battery duration goes, particularly when it came to our video web-based test, so it’s a dependable piece of smartphone and won’t leave you hanging with its 5,050 mAh battery. However, the OnePlus 12 accompanies a considerably bigger 5,400mAh battery!

One Plus 12 vs Google Pixel 8 Pro

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One Plus 12 vs Google Pixel 8 Pro Audio

The Pixel 8 Pro is an expert either, as we saw upgrades in its vibration strength and exactness during our survey, so remain tuned for a genuine correlation between the two once we get to invest sufficient energy with the OnePlus 12

Sound quality was at last improved with the Pixel 8 Pro, which has speakers equipped for creating sound that is by and large adequate for paying attention to some music directly from the gadget.

One Plus 12 vs Google Pixel 8 Pro Charging

Charging is one region where we don’t need to stand by, however, with OnePlus being known for its rapid charging. The OnePlus 12 accompanies 100W quick charging and a 100W Supervooc charger in the case that can juice it up from 1-100 percent in around 26 minutes. Dissimilar to its ancestors, it likewise accompanies 50W remote charging, which can top off its huge battery from 1-100 percent in only 55 minutes.

The Pixel 8 Pro, then again, which actually has a major battery, can go as high as 30W with a link and 23W with a remote charger. To say the very least, the OnePlus wins this one overwhelmingly

One Plus 12 vs Google Pixel 8 Pro Specifications

Specifications One Plus 12 Google pixel 8 Pro
Operating system
OxygenOS 14
Android 14
Screen Size
6.82 inches LTPO OLED, 1440 x 3168 pixels
6.7 inches LTPO OLED, 1344 x 2992 pixels
Rear cameras
50MP main, 48MP ultrawide, 64MP 3x telephoto
50MP main, 48MP ultrawide, 48MP telephoto (5x zoom)
Front camera
32MP selfie
10.5MP selfie
Refresh rate
Snapdragon 8 Gen 3
Google Tensor G3
Black, Silver, Green
Obsidian black, Porcelain white, Bay Blue

One Plus12 vs Google Pixel 8 pro Pros & Cons

One Plus 12

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One Plus 12 vs Google Pixel 8 Pro

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OnePlus is set to make its 10-year commemoration an important one with the OnePlus 12. The smartphone is stacked with great equipment, predominantly based on the camera framework, execution, and charging. The Pixel 8 Pro, then again, has a ton of appeal to it because of all of the Pixel-explicit programming highlights, a significant number of which, once more, circle the camera experience.

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