Microsoft’s Chase For The Throne: Hitting $3 Trillion in Market Value

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The tech world has become a rat race with Microsoft trying to lead the show. Apple has been in the forefront of it all for far too long and now in 2024, Microsoft is giving it’s all to steal the show and become number 1 in the rat race. Currently speaking, It has only one competitor to beat which is apple i.e It is number 2 in the world right now. Recently, They’ve been making many advancements trying to beat the best of the best and in their hot pursuit hit the $3T market value mark for the first time in their history.

Microsoft share value

They’ve been making heavy progress lately. They hit the record high of $405.63, up 1.7%, which allowed them to breach through the $3T market value but this fell down to $402 keeping them at $2.99 trillion just a few inches short of $40 3 which would have kept them above the $3T mark.

Apple shares value

According to latest data of LSEG, Apple shares currently have a value of $194 keeping them above the $3T mark.

Microsoft's investments

Microsoft has been making a lot of investments recently into OpenAI and is in the lead for market dominance among other techlords such as meta platforms, Google etc. Microsoft has been utilizing OpenAI technology to up it’s game, improve flagship product software and now it is expected that Bing search engine will compete head on with google. 

Apple losing customers

Amidst all this, Apple seems to be losing customers all over. Especially in countries like China where local technology is now available. They’ve even started offering rare discounts to customers to keep ahead of competitors in the market.

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Apple has been in the forefront of the tech world for far too long now and it seems other companies are now upping their pace. If apple hopes to lead the market, It must make some new investments particularly in AI like it’s competitors. They seem to be losing their iPhone fanbase worldwide to local companies like huawei in China. On the other hand, Other techlords like microsoft finally have a chance to show the world what they’re capable of.

All information has been sourced from the new york post

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