apple's emoji
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Introduction to apple's emoji

In the ever evolving world of tech media, Apple’s emoji are universally recognized as tiny little images that represent human emotions. These silly and expressive pictographs, originally introduced in 2011, are now an integral part of the way we communicate with each other through text. Apple has an excellent collection of tiny and expressive photographs that are amazing representatives of human emotions. From smiling and laughing faces to accurate depictions of food and technology. Apple allows it’s users to express their feelings through emojis in a simple yet exciting manner.

Meet the team behind it

Introducing Angela Guzman and Raymond, Intern and mentor. These are the people responsible for the first set of apple’s emojis ever made in history. The first four emojis ever made include face with tears of joy, pile of poo, red heart, and party popper and later, many more would appear. Raymond or Raymond Sepulveda is the senior user interface designer at apple and has been working there since 2007 and according to Angela is “one of the best icon designers in the world”. In 2008, He would be mentoring Angela Guzman and together in the course of 3 months, these two would go on to design some of apple’s first emojis that changed how the digital world operated.

apple's emoji
Image credit: HOLA, Angela Guzman on the left

How the magic happened

It is the year 2008, Both intern and mentor are sitting in their office behind their computer desks wondering how and where to begin, This is where the magic happened, A joint effort between the two to create apple’s first ever emojis that would later lead on to a lifelong friendship between both intern and mentor as they designed these small little expressive illustrations that went on to completely change the way people communicate on text on a global scale. They designed many emojis together some worth mentioning are engagement ring and dancer with the red dress. They would go on a 3 month journey of racking their brain and rendering more and more of apple’s emojis which were eventually shown to Steve Jobs and approved for launch. 


Apple’s emojis are universally accepted as representatives of human emotion, feelings and thought. Apple’s emojis are used by millions of apple users worldwide on a daily basis and the story of how 2 people were behind it all is fascinating to people who take interest in the world of tech. It is imperative here to note that other designers were also involved in the making of apple’s emojis.

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