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As a sub-brand of Vivo, iQOO has consistently centered around making superior execution gaming smartphones. In any case, it appears to be that iQOO understood it’s adequate not to simply satisfy gamers, so their smartphones have gradually changed from being one-sided towards gamers to more towards the ordinary individual. This iQOO 12 Pro, rather than being a gaming smartphone, is more like a standard telephone’s more qualified for gaming. It could be a bummer for gamers, yet it improves for additional individuals.

iQOO 12 Pro

iQOO 12 Pro Design

This new look, most importantly, is superior to the previous one. Dissimilar to past iQOO smartphones, its camera module has become considerably more adjusted, making this smartphone much gentler. If the logo was shut out, I couldn’t have ever speculated this was another iQOO smartphone.

I would agree that this new plan will get a ton of non-gamers interest, and it’s certainly one of the most outstanding moves up to the iQOO 12 Pro.I’m additionally glad for the iQOO leader smartphone which at long last backings IP68, and the IR producer is still on the top, however, USB 2.0 makes me not blissful.

I realize that individuals likely don’t utilize USB to move information all the time any longer, so you couldn’t care less assuming it’s 2.0 or 3.0. Be that as it may, at a similar cost, different smartphones have USB 3.0 as of now. I simply don’t get it, for what reason should ordinary purchasers like me and you ought to experience this?

iQOO 12 Pro Camera

Typically we don’t discuss the camera on “gaming smartphones“, yet this time it’s unique. 12 Pro camera is as of now at a generally excellent level. When we take a gander at the specs, it’s undeniably better compared to the Xiaomi Pro at a similar cost range.

There are no notable camera brands in this, yet the variety of styles is very satisfying. The unique scope of each of the three cameras is fantastic, and there are no indications of over-honing. The iQOO 12 Pro is truly convenient with regards to taking photographs of food and pets, it’s an immense improvement over its ancestor.

Particularly in large-scale mode, you can decide to utilize the super wide camera to draw near to the point of taking itemized photographs. On the other hand, you can decide to take photographs with a fax-centering distance of 15cm. The advantage is obviously that you can get a shallower profundity of field. What’s more, I can hardly imagine how iQOO smartphones can switch between three focal points in 4K recording in one day.

The camera framework on this iQOO 12 Pro is adequate for the vast majority. Additionally, for instance, it will be cooler while shooting yellow articles, and the purple-bordering issue with zooming focal points has not been settled. It appears that the iQOO Pro has a few holes contrasted with the principal photography smartphones.

iQOO 12 Pro Display

The iQOO 12 Pro screen gets the typical redesign from Samsung’s E6 board to the E7. The greatest change is that the HDR window’s most extreme brilliance has practically multiplied. It’s as yet 1440Hz darkening at low splendor, however, you can go to designer mode and change it to DC-like diminishing mode.

If you purchased the iQOO 12 Pro and feel like the screen isn’t exactly essentially as sharp as it ought to be, this is because the default goal is 1080p, so make sure to go to Settings and change it to UHD.

The actual screen is not a lot I can whine about, yet I do have somewhat of a problem with the unique mark acknowledgment. It’s as yet ultrasonic acknowledgment, however, and it functions admirably. In any case, the 12 Pro is certainly a stage back from the huge unique mark acknowledgment of the iQOO 11 Pro.

iQOO 12 Pro

iQOO 12 Pro Gaming

You never need to stress over the presentation of an iQOO smartphone, as the 12 Pro purposes Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 true to form. all the details are by the ordinary 8 Gen 3 execution which is perfect.

I would have anticipated that the iQOO 12 Pro should overcome the Genshin Effect because a more modest smartphone like the Xiaomi 14 has nearly gotten it done. In any case, truly the iQOO 12 Pro┬áisn’t so much better, it is better in steadiness, however at the expense of higher power utilization.

They all appear to be identical, so why we would agree that iQOO 12 Pro spotlights on execution, the response is oneself create a Q1 chip in the smartphone, which works on the perfection and goal of your games. While I believe it’s an extraordinary element, I don’t believe it will be valuable for non-Chinese clients. The greater part of the games that help this component are Chinese games, perhaps the only one you all will play is the Genshin Effect.

iQOO 12 Pro

iQOO 12 Pro Battery

The iQOO 12 Pro is as of now not the 200W charging beast it used to be, yet you can’t be excessively basic with 120W. 26 minutes to top off ought to be an excess. Furthermore, it has remote charging, which is awesome. One thing I truly like about iQOO: their charger generally with USB-C port and supports PD 65W charging, I ask all brands to gain from it! Indeed, even the 12 Pro has a huge battery, it goes on probably as long as some other smartphone On the off chance that you play a ton of defining moments.


  1. 8K video recording with gyro-EIS support.
  2. Latest Android 14 OS with Funtouch 14 support.
  3. AMOLED display with 144Hz refresh rate.
  4. Comes with 3000 nits brightness.
  5. NFC and 5G enabled smartphone.
  6. Stereo speakers.
  7. 5100mAh battery capacity.
  8. Comes with 120W wired and 50W wireless charging.
  9. Available in 1TB storage and 16GB RAM variants.
  10. IP68 dust/water resistant.


  1. No micro SD card slot.
  2. An audio jack is not present.
  3. The selfie camera can record only 1080p videos.
  4. Without any gorilla glass protection is missing.


As may be obvious, the iQOO 12 Pro doesn’t seem to be something we call a “gaming smartphone“. As the title says, it has a strong exhibition yet looks so rich. It’s like the Xiaomi 14 Pro, with photography first, and execution second. Though the iQOO 12 Pro is tied in with gaming and afterward the photographs are very great as well. Which one to pick depends upon whether you favor photography or gaming.


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