How to Protect iPhone From Stealing in 2024? Stolen Device Protection Mode for iPhone

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Choose Longer Password For iPhone

Your iPhone’s password can without much of a stretch be utilized against you. Hoodlums have long utilized the stunt of looking behind someone to see their iPhone password before taking it. When they have that code, it’s not difficult to get to the entirety of your data, and they could utilize it to cripple worked-in security highlights like Track down My Following. You can forestall this by covering your telephone at whatever point you should type the password — however, you can likewise utilize a more grounded, more perplexing password.

Go to Settings > Face ID and Password > Change Password > Password Choices and select either a more extended numeric password (10 digits or more) that is more enthusiastically to remember initially or an alphanumeric secret word.


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Put a passcode on your SIM card

You can likewise secure your SIM card with a four-digit PIN. At the point when criminals put your SIM card on another telephone, they’ll require this PIN to open the SIM card. Before you empower this, realize that this likewise prevents your SIM card from consequently interfacing with portable information after you restart your iPhone. This could adversely affect security highlights, for example, View as My, which require a web association with work. If that is not an issue, you can go to Settings > Versatile Information > SIM PIN and empower this element. Make certain to store this PIN in a protected spot if you fail to remember it.

Enable Lockdown Mode in Unsafe Places

At long last, consider empowering Lockdown Mode on your iPhone if you’re going to dangerous areas or on the other hand assuming you’re stressed over losing admittance to delicate information in the event of a robbery. Here is our full manual for the iPhone’s Lockdown Mode, which will let you know what it does and how to empower it.

Set Additional Lock for Apps

Expecting cheats don’t approach your mobile password, you can set up a Face ID lock on numerous applications. If your opened iPhone is grabbed, this will safeguard significant data, for example, your financial information or your web-based entertainment accounts. Criminals will not have the option to open these applications without knowing your password.

While numerous applications permit you to empower Face ID for confirmation, you can likewise utilize a hack to add this lock to applications that don’t uphold it.


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Enable Find My iPhone

This one appears glaringly evident, yet bears rehashing: Find My following permits you to find your gadget assuming it’s lost or taken. It’s one of the most outstanding enemies of robbery highlights on your iPhone. Even though it’s empowered naturally, you ought to check on the off chance that it’s not been impaired coincidentally. Go to Settings and tap your name at the top. Then, visit See as My > Track down My iPhone and empower everything on that page.


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Use Screen Time restrictions

Screen Time can save your information when your iPhone is taken. It allows you to refuse specific settings, as we’ve depicted in the connected piece. Utilize this for your potential benefit by going to Settings > Screen Time > Use Screen Time Password. Guarantee that you utilize an alternate password for Screen Time, and not the one you use to open your iPhone, and afterward save this password in a secret word supervisor or in another protected spot. From that point forward, go to Content and Security Limitations in Screen Time, and forbid Record Changes.

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