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In this post by the nypost, The recent outcry on AI generated content on google is discussed. We often sit among ourselves and talk about the future of AI and lay out it’s pros but there are grey areas to everything. Same is the case with AI, People have been using AI to mass produce content, much of it being ripoffs of original content written by hardworking writers to promote their site on search queries. When AI generated content beats hardworking writers devoted to a task, It hits hard on business.

The reason for this outrage was because last week, An article by the post (nypost) on Federal Trade Commission nominee Melissa Holyoak was beaten by an AI generated ripoff from another site. The site seemed normal at first but it later revealed to have thousands of pages on AI generated ripoff content. 

Google's response

In response to the drama above, Google stated that the article was against their policy and would be removed. They further clarified that AI generated content in of itself is not something bad and wouldn’t be removed but spam posts shall be taken action against. 

What others have to say

According to Joseph Cox

The presence of AI-generated content on Google News signals two things: first, the black box nature of Google News, with entry into Google News’ rankings in the first place an opaque, but apparently gameable, system

Another comment about the situation from Coffey was

It’s a broken system because it’s not rewarding the quality human-created content across the board.It’s going to create conditions where it’s going to be impossible to generate any revenue to keep our newsrooms afloat.

Many news media outlets have expressed outrage on the whole scenario claiming that google promotes these sites on their platform which is unfair to authentic outlets with dedicated workers that work hard day and night to research, write and publish their articles. Google must do something about this quickly or the situation may grow worse than it is.


AI itself is not a bad thing but the power that it holds can be misused if given to the wrong hands. If an ordinary person can one up a news outlet purely through AI then perhaps it is time to rethink who should have free access to AI and who shouldn’t. The solution isn’t to get rid of AI because AI is a very developed technology and after so many investments, It can’t be abandoned but gatekeeping AI and it’s capabilities might do justice to the outcry on google.

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