Gemini: Follow These 8 Steps to Combine Google’s AI with Your iPhone

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Introduction to Gemini

Gemini is Google’s best AI model till date. The team behind it at Google deepmind dreams of a world empowered by AI where man can take full advantage of technology to his convenience. Through the making of this model, They are now one step closer to that dream of theirs. This project is the result of a joint effort by teams across google which includes Google research etc. It is supposed to be an AI that understands with ease and operates across multiple forms of information such as text, audio and video. It is designed to run on everything, from mobile phones to data centers. It currently has three variants:-

  1.  Pro
  2.  ultra
  3.  Nano

Each of these is designed specifically to specialize in certain tasks for eg the ultra can deal with complex tasks better than the other two.  

Click here to read in detail about Gemini.

Supercharge your iPhone by combining Gemini and Siri

You can combine Google’s AI with siri to make the ultimate assistant in your iPhone all you need are two things to do this

  1. Google AI studio (Generative AI studio)
  2. Siri shortcuts
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Step by step guide

A thorough step by step guide on how to achieve this is given below:-

  1. Make an account on Google AI Studio.
  2. Choose ‘Get API key’
  3. Choose the option that says ‘Create API key in new project’.
  4. Don’t share your API key with anyone
  5. Download siri shortcuts.
  6. Click Get shortcut> Set up shortcut.
  7. Paste your API key
  8. Enter any Prompt/Context for the AI.


Download Siri shortcuts from here

Read in depth

If you want to learn in depth how to do this, Click on the link below


  1. You need to say “Get me a new chat” in order to start a new conversation with the AI. It will have no recollection of previous data.
  2. You need to say “over” to close athena.
  3. Athena will work on any apple device that runs siri shortcuts.

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