A book is a gift you can open again and again

We here at itechglam take special focus on technology, it’s advancements and how technology has revolutionized the world completely and digitalized our lives but the impact that books can have on your life is still unparalleled in human history. A good book can teach many things. If you take a holistic view to life and look at how the world operates, We realize that all great things that all great ideas come from pen and paper. 

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Awaken your critical sense through books

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One of the most important traits that books leave on a reader is the ability to think critically. The ability to approach a topic critically is what differentiates the learned man from the illiterate. Philosophy is what comes to mind here because this role is usually played by philosophical texts. Philosophy isn’t just the name of a bunch of old texts but it is a science that we can apply to our daily life and significantly alter the way we view our day to day experiences. 

Many people will testify that what they read in books of logic, they apply those teachings to everyday discussions and arguments. Important books that will teach you logic include

  1. The Art of Thinking Clearly
  2. Introduction to logic
  3. Critique of pure reason

Financial freedom

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Rich dad Poor dad by Robert T kiyosaki is a book that teaches financial freedom, This book guides people to quit the rat race of living paycheck to paycheck and invest in passive income streams for longterm financial gains and good return on investment. Work smart, not hard This is essentially the principle that is taught in this book. This book teaches us that true financial return comes by having the right knowledge on how money works, how markets operate, where and when to invest.

This book teaches people to quit complaining about their pays and take their financial health into their own hands. It is an influential book that offers a revolutionary view on personal finance, highlighting a positive, proactive approach to mone

Rich Dad Poor Dad

What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not! Paperback – April 5, 2022

The Expert’s Disillusionment

The Expert’s Disillusionment is best defined as

The “Expert’s Disillusionment” is a psychological and sociological phenomenon that can occur in highly qualified and experienced professionals in their fields of expertise. This state is characterized by a sense of frustration or disappointment that arises when the practical reality of their profession does not match the idealized expectations or the high theoretical standards they have learned and internalized.

The best way to overcome this is to “Listen more and talk less”

Listen more and talk less

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Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High is a great book for this principle. This book teaches it’s readers that the default in discussions and arguments is not to always win and be right but real value and growth lies in coming to a mutual understanding that both parties can agree upon. People usually tend to lose their self control in arguments when the stakes are high. If the discussion is on an important topic which will have significant impact, people will focus more on proving their point, often resorting to aggressiveness than to understand the other person.

Learning to listen to the other person can be one of the greatest things you could do for your personal and intellectual growth. Establishing am equal field with other people makes for a safer space for everyone to partake in discussion and generates more productive output instead of meaningless fights.

What is rationality?

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Are humans as rational as we claim to be? Is every decision we take based purely on reason and not on whims and emotion? The answer to these questions is found in the book, Thinking, Fast and Slow Kindle Edition by Daniel Kahneman, According to kahneman there are two systems that govern how we act in situations System 1 and System 2.

  • System 1 is fast decision making so it is based purely on instinct and emotion.
  • System 2 is slow decision making so it is based on reason.

Often times, We let system 1 dictate our decisions in life and hence this is why many people overreact in stressful situations. If we understand how our brain works then it can help us make better choices in our daily life.

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