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bilt rewards
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Introduction to Bilt rewards

Bilt Rewards is a loyalty program that revolutionizes the renting experience by offering tenants exclusive benefits. By partnering with property management companies, Bilt Rewards allows renters to earn points on their monthly rent payments. These points can be redeemed for various rewards, including travel perks, shopping discounts, and cashback offers. With Bilt Rewards, tenants can turn their rent payments into valuable incentives, enhancing their living experience and providing additional value for their hard-earned money. This innovative platform transforms the rental landscape, providing renters with incentives and rewards typically associated with credit card usage or traditional loyalty programs.

New additions

As of recent times, news has spread that two new faces will be joining bilt rewards. These two are:-

  • Ken Chenault: Ken Chenault is a renowned business leader celebrated for his transformative impact on American Express as its CEO from 2001 to 2018. Born in 1951, Chenault earned his stripes through his strategic prowess, adept leadership, and commitment to diversity and inclusion. Under his stewardship, American Express flourished, navigating through economic challenges while innovating in financial services and expanding globally. Chenault’s legacy extends beyond corporate success; he’s championed social responsibility and served on various boards, including Facebook and Airbnb. His vision, integrity, and dedication to excellence have made him an influential figure in business and a beacon of inspiration for aspiring leaders worldwide.
bilt rewards
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  • Roger Goodell: Roger Goodell is a prominent figure in the realm of professional sports, serving as the Commissioner of the National Football League (NFL) since 2006. Born in 1959, Goodell has navigated the league through a myriad of challenges, including labor disputes, player safety concerns, and controversies surrounding player conduct. His tenure has seen significant expansions in revenue, international reach, and fan engagement. However, it has also been marked by debates on issues like player protests and disciplinary actions. Goodell’s leadership style, characterized by a focus on the league’s integrity and growth, has shaped the NFL’s trajectory and solidified his status as a central figure in sports administration.
bilt rewards
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Monetary success

Bilt rewards was founded by Ankur Jain in 2017 who is also ex ceo of tinder. The company has since been very successful. Their valuation has doubled and is now more than 3.1 billion dollars and they secured 200 million dollars in funding in their latest round led by general catalyst. Other participants in the round included Eldridge, Left Lane Capital, Camber Creek and Prosus Ventures also participated in the round. The way the company operates and collects revenue is by serving as the payment processor for rental firm partners and by taking a cut of customer spending. The firm also has a branded Mastercard that allows users to rack up points on certain transactions. 

Idea behind Bilt rewards

The founder of the company, Ankur Jain explained the idea behind it in the following words:-

“We have the biggest housing affordability crises, healthcare crises, people can’t pay off their student loans and people are wasting all their time on crypto and scooters,We have to focus on the big challenges facing our generation. If we did that, my hypothesis was that those are the real trillion-dollar markets — not the shiny object of the moment.”

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