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apple watch series 9
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The apple watch series 9 was introduced in September of 2023 and it is the latest of it’s kind replacing it’s predecessor, apple watch series 8. Apple originally started releasing watches in 2015 and this process is still bound to continue in the future Some features offered in series 9 worth mentioning are crack-resistant front glassIP6X dust resistance, and a WR50 water resistance rating. The design is pretty much the same as the previous model and it even hosts the same sensors but it has many new internal updates.

Some of the biggest updates include the S9 chip and Neural 4 core engine. The 4 core engine can handle complex tasks with more ease and the new chip is highly functional compared to the older one. Double tap is a new feature introduced by apple which allows users to interact with the apple watch using two fingers of one hand. There is also improvement with siri commands with dictation improved by 25 percent.

Apple watch series 9: Design

apple watch series 9
Image credit: apple

The all new apple watch series 9 has received minor design upgrades as compared to the previous generation. Just like it’s predecessor, It continues to be available in 2 sizes of 45 and 41 mm. It has the same square with rounded edges shape. In terms of weight, It comes in 32 grams to 51.5 grams depending on size and material with stainless steel being the heaviest. It has four photodiodes for health monitoring features and a digital crown for scrolling. The side button is used to bring up frequently used apps. 

The apple watch series 9 comes in two different materials, aluminum and stainless steel. Other than this, It comes in 4 colors for each material. Aluminum variant includes Midnight, Starlight, Silver, Pink, and (PRODUCT)RED and steel variant includes  Silver, Gold, Graphite, and Space Black.


Apple watch series 9: Specs

Spec Detail


45 x 38 x 10.7 mm (1.77 x 1.50 x 0.42 in)


42.3 g (41mm), 51.5 g (45mm) (1.48 oz)


Glass front, ceramic/sapphire crystal back, stainless steel frame

Display type

Retina LTPO OLED, 2000 nits (peak)


1.9 inches


484 x 396 pixels (~326 ppi density)


watchOS 10


Apple S9


Dual core



Battery type

Li-Ion 308 mAh, non-removable



Apple watch series 9: Pricing

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Health features

Blood oxygen monitor

apple watch series 9
Image credit: 9to5 mac

The sensors in the new series 9 can detect blood saturation levels. These levels are indicative of someone’s health condition. A healthy individual has it at 95-100 percent. Green, red, and infrared LEDs shine light onto the blood vessels in the wrist, with photodiodes measuring the amount of light reflected back. Apple’s algorithms then calculate the color of the blood which indicates oxygen level in the blood. The sensors in this watch can detect from 70 to 100 percent.


apple watch series 9
Image credit: 9to5 mac

ECGs or electrocardiograms measure the electrical conductivity of the heart. Electrodes at the back of the apple watch allow this to happen. ECGs can be taken by holding your finger on the digital crown. Abnormal results should be shared with a doctor. Ideally, these should be done by a doctor but the apple watch allows it to happen anywhere in just a few seconds.

Sleep tracking

apple watch series 9
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The series 9 has the ability to track how much you’ve slept. It’s sensors allow for this to happen. Not just this but it can also tell you how much time you’ve spent awake, how much in deep sleep and how often you’ve woken up. It gives you many details about your sleep cycle rather than just how many hours you were asleep.

Crash detection

apple watch series 9
Image credit: 9to5 mac

It has a feature which allows it to detect when the user has been in a severe car crash. If no response is given in the 10 second waiting period. The apple watch series 9 will contact emergency services and contacts without any further delay.

Temperature measurement

apple watch series 9
Image credit: macrumours

This feature is mostly for women. It calculates body temperature and outside both. It can give predictions about overall health and ovulation expectations to be specific. It is useful for women who menstruate as it gives them details about their cycle.

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