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Apple Vison Pro
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Introduction to the apple vision pro

The Apple Vision Pro is a revolutionizing technology that will shake the digital world, With a focus on enhancing user experience to the fullest, Apple has developed this new technology combining AI and virtual reality to take a step forward in the world of tech and has stayed true to their commitment to innovation. Here are four lessons that everyone should take from the team behind the magic. Learn more about the apple vision pro.

Product management

What makes apple so unique and innovative and sets them apart from their competitors is that they have a lack of product management. What is meant is that instead of having one department that takes full responsibility of product management, Responsibilities are shared in a power dynamic between the 3 departments of design, engineering and program management. They also have a human interface team.

Initial Designs are handed down to the engineering team that drives the project to it’s completion. What sets apart apple from it’s competitors is that other companies usually put engineering on top of design and end up with products that are more engineer based than design based. 

Apple operates differently by creating aesthetic and visually appealing products that are more design based. The team behind the apple vision pro operated in a similar manner 

Apple vision pro
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Testing and demos

Apple has a very active demo culture in it. On a weekly basis, Products are tested and demos are taken and projects are scrutinized. Only the best of the best are allowed to proceed and go till completion. Company executives are mostly the ones in charge of demos.

Only the best ideas which are presented are allowed to be worked on. This paves way for great quality production, innovation and creativity to take birth. The demo culture inside apple paves way for groundbreaking innovations like the Apple vision pro to be born.


Apple is known highly for it’s secrecy. This doesn’t only extend to the outside world but is a great part of the work culture inside it as well. Many members, if they have no relation to the ongoing project will remain oblivious to the developments taking place at the moment and even if someone is working on said project, If there department or role doesn’t handle a specific spec then that detail will remain hidden from them until it is publicly announced.

Chappy asel notes that when he was working on the apple vision pro for two years, many details about the platform, even the product and OS name remained a secret from him until they were publicly disclosed.


Commitment to user experience

What sets apple apart from other businesses is that they are customer oriented rather than profit oriented. Rather than focusing on profit and loss, they focus on user experience, having happy customers and increasing the convenience of their users with every step that they take. This makes them one of the leading tech companies in the world right now. Apple aims to make the best product possible and to achieve this, they ignore what drives more profit and focus on what makes their customers happy.

A similar approach was followed in the release of the apple vision pro, The product is aimed at assisting user experience and taking user friendliness to the next level.


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