The apple vision pro is the future of virtual reality materialized. This futuristic device has set a new standard on VR headsets that is unmatched in VR history. It is a device that combines reality with the softwares that we already use. Powered by it’s own VisionOS. It essentially still works like any other ios computer. When you wear this headset, it’s like you’ve entered a different world altogether. You could be facetiming a friend while enjoying beautiful landscapes but as soon as you take it off, you’d be back to your own reality.

Although the vision pro has set a standard in virtual reality for it’s future that no other device like the oculus rift etc could match. Intertwining programs we already use into a VR headset. It comes at quite a hefty price (More than 3000 USD). That said, A person feels a number of things when they use the vision pro. Some features are ultra futuristic meanwhile others feel incomplete. 

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What makes the apple vision pro different

There is a class of VR headsets that are able to augment outside reality to the inside. These include: Meta Quest Pro, Quest 3, HTC Vive XR Lite and other high end PC headsets. None of these match the vision pro in terms of hardware and sensors. It is in a league of it’s own. It is filled with cameras and sensors. Multiple cameras outside, Lidar sensors and and Indepth camera that is used in iPhone as well for face detection. Infrared sensors and underneath cameras. It lacks buttons, every interaction is done with your eyes, hands or by speaking to siri.

The apple vision pro has it’s own apps but in addition to these, it runs a lot of iOS apps. It supports iCloud and many other services like iTunes, Apple TV Plus and arcade. Known for their friendly interfaces, The vision pro features a phenomenal display and friendly user interface. The Apple vision pro has a dual 4K micro-OLED display. This technology may also make it’s way to other headsets in the future. The device requires no room setup at all. Something extremely rare.

apple vision pro
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Apple vision pro: Design

It looks like an iPhone turned headset. The processing and outer displays have aluminum and glass contours of an iPhone, but the top buttons seem more like an apple watch. It feels very dense. The “Light shield” and cushions resemble those of any other headset but it is more detachable. It snaps on and off magnetically. The side arms contain the speakers and the head straps snap on easily and are removed by a little tug on orange pull tabs. It hosts a sleek and modern design which is surprisingly comfy as well.

Apple vision pro: Unboxing

apple vision pro
Image credit: Cnet

It comes with the following things in the box:-

  1. 2 head straps
  2. Face cushion
  3. Propriety battery and cable
  4. Cushioned front cover
  5. USB type C charger
  6. An apple polishing
  7. Instruction manual

The vision pro doesn't work with glasses

One of the annoying things about the apple vision pro and this isn’t only limited to it but extends to other headsets like the Quest as well is that they don’t work with glasses at all making the use inconvenient for people with defective vision. It supports prescription lens inserts made specifically by zeiss. These will cost you anywhere from 99 to 150 dollars. The lens comes in a cardboard sleeve with a QR code that needs to be scanned for them to work. This is done magnetically.

An overview of VisionOS

VisionOS is a software advantage that the apple vision pro has over any other VR headset out there and it is obvious. All your data is instantly incorporated as soon as you sign in to your iCloud. Soon as you press digital crown, an app grid shows that lets you choose which app you want to open. Apps open as resizable windows similar to an iPad. Control center, Pull down menu that is in iPhones is available in this as well. It hovers above your field of vision and staring at it will open the usual options that it has. It’s position can be adjusted if it becomes annoying.  

Airdrop and files app are also available but there are some missing features as well like screentime settings or facetime app. Instead facetime calls are done through the contacts app.

How reality is inside the vision pro?

Mixed reality tricks are a huge part of how this device operates. Passthrough cameras are used to see the real world and virtual reality is layered over it on top like 3D. There’s a bit of blur if you turn your head quickly but the view from inside is such that you can seamlessly read your laptop screen or use your phone from inside as well. Apps hover infront of your eyes and virtual reality blocks out real objects but to help in detecting presence, Anyone within eye’s view will start to ghost inside your world.

Digital crown at the top controls your environment as well as volume. Reality seeps in like curtains and once you’re completely surrounded, you’re pretty much in VR. There are a number of environments to choose from. These include the moon (a lunar surface), the edge of a volcano in Haleakala, a snowy forest in Yosemite, a lakeside at Mount Hood, a white-sand desert . Even though it requires no room setup, it surprisingly has very good room awareness. If too close to an object, it warns you and asks you to move away. 

How much does it all cost?

It comes in three variants of storage. 256 GB, 512 GB, 1 TB. The cheapest is the one with the least storage at about 3500 USD (256 GB) and the most expensive worth 3900 USD which hosts 1 TB. Combine this with extras like the prescription lens worth 150$ and apple cases at 200$. Apple care plus is something you should have with this product which is an additional 500$.

Apple vision pro

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