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Has apple maps actually improved with the new updates and is it better than google now? Find out in this article.

The rivalry between apple and google is old and well known. Apparently, Apple still hasn’t forgiven google for releasing android and CEO Steve Jobs went as far as calling android “a stolen product”. This lead to Apple competing with Google in areas where they dominate the market which is why Apple maps was launched back in 2012. In it’s initial days, it received a lot of criticism and even apple users would rely on google maps for their use. It was quickly ridiculed for it’s poor functionality due to  poor 3D satellite imagery dominated by broken bridges, glitchy buildings, and warped landscapes.

Now, more than a decade has passed since it’s launch and apple maps has become a good alternative to google and more and more iPhone users are switching back to their own maps instead of relying on google for navigation giving google competition in their own market. The California based company should be careful they don’t fall behind.

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Apple maps is more user friendly now

Google may have been the king of it’s times but it has some catching up to do now. With apple’s humane like assistant that guides you in car  navigation, up to date street view and a more friendly interface. It has definitely taken the lead against it’s competitor in areas which it fell behind a few years ago. Google gives machine like, robotic commands such as “turn right in 500 meters” meanwhile apple offers more humane instructions like ” take the next right”. 

This makes it a more reliable option since it correlates to what most people see or experience while driving. Apart from this, It also features a much more reliable street view that doesn’t use decade old imagery and is continuously being updated to match what people see in real life. All this and more makes apple maps a better option for iPhone users.

Look around vs street view

Giving competition to Google’s street view is apple’s look around. No matter where in the world you are, it will always feel smoother, more reliable and easy to understand. Giving sharp, up to date images paves way for superior navigation services. The most surprising and mind blowing out of all features is detailed city experiences which can be really helpful when exploring a new place on foot. 

You could zoom into a city’s streets and see a map with all the relevant details down to individual lanes, crossings, cycling paths, and even individual trees in parks. The service remains the same no matter where you are in the world. The same features available in London can also be found in San Francisco and New York.

apple maps
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Improved satellite views

When first launched, Apple maps received a lot of criticism for poor satellite views and flyover designs but apple being one for innovation, improvements and constantly adding to their designs has made significant progress in this specific area to cater to their audience and offer unmatched superior navigation services whether it be for on foot exploration or while driving. It now offers 3 dimensional satellite views all over the world which are far better than Google’s 3D pendant being more user friendly, with less distractions and easier to understand.

Apple still has some work to do

Although they’ve made great improvements to their design and in some areas have excelled leaving Google behind. It’s still difficult to say that apple maps is a better alternative overall because there are still many things that need improvement. In a domain where google has been leading for years, Apple cannot expect to one day come and steal the crown magically.

A few disadvantages worth sharing include the fact that apple maps is still very spotty and isn’t available worldwide while google offers services that would help you anywhere in the world. Google has had years to collect images, data, reviews etc but apple on the other hand is still heavily dependent on partnerships with Yelp and others to show places. They lack community, something they are actively working to overcome.

Availability is still an issue. Apple maps isn’t available worldwide, doesn’t work offline and isn’t cross platform fully. To use it completely with turn on navigation, you need an iPhone. All of these problems are likely to be overcome within the next few years during which google should up it’s game as well. Dominating the market for years, they now have competition that isn’t going away anytime soon.

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