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Apple is known and loved by millions or even billions across the globe. Being one of the biggest tech companies in the world with their iPhones leading smartphones  every year but they didn’t get to this point without getting their hands dirty and while they have a die hard fanbase that would accept any policy thrown at them provided it is from apple, They also have their fare share of critics that are able to look through the lens and see what really lies within this company. One such person is Cory Doctorow.

Apple has their share of monopolization tactics that they employ to safeguard their position as one of the top leading companies in tech. A few aspects will be discussed here.

Appstore drama

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Apple has a strange policy in that it doesn’t allow apps to be downloaded from third party stores and can only be installed on iPhones from the appstore that comes with it. This makes many apps unavailable to iPhone users and the company goes out of their way to ban any third party store that would rival the appstore. The catch behind this is that for every dollar spent on the appstore, they take a 30-40% of the cut hence why anyone trying to sell audiobooks on apple will face a great loss. 

When confronted about this issue apple fans will simply reply with a cult like statement saying “no iPhone user would want such apps in the first place” but if that were so true as they claim it to be then why would apple even feel the need to go out of their way to restrict and ban third party stores. There should have been no need to take such measures if their users genuinely didn’t want such apps.

Apple's war on repair

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Apple has a weird thing where they will not allow their users to get iPhones repaired from anywhere other than apple itself. The weirder thing is how this thinking reached lawmakers as well

  • The former Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore. In 2010, Moore and his colleague, Tony Clement, tabled a bill that would make it illegal for Canadians to modify their iPhones.

The company goes the extra mile in ensuring that it’s parts don’t reach the secondary market for independent repair. If you want to get your iPhone repaired, you must head to apple and they can empty your pockets with service charges and if they like. They can also declare your phone beyond repair offering you a trade in. This is basically an incentive for their customers. Loyal apple fans will chip in and say that no customer of theirs would like their iPhone repaired from anywhere else but if that was the case then there would be no reason for apple to take such drastic countermeasures.

iMessage Controversy

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The company says that user’s privacy and information is extremely important. So important that they’ve gone head on with the FBI due to this policy and also installed anti tracking features so facebook can’t collect data on it’s users, A step that cost Facebook billions of dollars in loss but they collected the same information by ios tracking. In other words, User privacy is important but only when it benefits company goals.

They have their own platform for texting called iMessage where iPhone users can text each other whenever but when talking with an android user, The texting shifts to SMS. A platform not so well designed for privacy and can easily be hacked hence putting user privacy at risk. When confronted with this problem, their response was simply along the lines saying if this is such a big issue, you can just buy your friends and family iPhones and if you can’t do that then just stop talking to them in general.

An answer so bizarre that any normal person would call them crazy but the cult like fanbase of theirs will accept this as well.  


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