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apple classroom
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Introduction to apple classroom

Apple classroom is apple’s gift to the education system. It is an app specifically designed for teachers to have a watch over their students. Being innovative as they always are, Apple has found yet another way to digitalize and revolutionize the world through this app. Through classroom, Teachers can regulate what their students are up to. The only condition is that students must have an ipad as classroom doesn’t work with android. It is an apple only app.

Available on Mac

In march of 2018, at apple’s educational event. They announced that the classroom app would be coming to mac with new updates. An updated version for mac would allow for teachers to manage hundreds of apple ID’s at the same time. Originally, It was released only for iPad in 2016 on ios9. but now it is available on mac as well with beta version launched in June 2018. Now, teachers can control their students iPads through their own mac.

apple classroom
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Developer's control: classkit

Just like SiriKit, HomeKit, and HealthKit. Classkit allows developers to add education based features to the app. It allows them to create apps with schoolwork that teachers can use to assign activities and track progress to make reports.

apple classroom
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Shared ipad

Apple has a new feature in classroom called shared ipad. This allows for group activities on a single ipad. Teachers can use this feature to assign multiple students to a single ipad.  When students are instructed to retrieve “their” iPad, they’ll look for the one with their picture on the Lock screen. Tapping on their picture and entering their four-digit pin will pull up their specific homework, apps, and documents.

apple classroom
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Tracking progress

Teachers can keep watch over what their students are doing by tapping their screen. Tapping the screen allows teachers to view student’s specific screen. The student is also notified through a blue bar that the teacher is currently watching him or her.

If any teacher notices outstanding work that they’d like to share with the class. This too is supported and teachers can display the work on an apple tv through airplay.

Teacher's review

According to Josh from Ripley high

For a free classroom management app, Apple Classroom is very useful. I like having the ability of forming groups so that I can lock a group of students into one app, while at centers for example. I also like the feature that alerts me when a student "leaves" my class (to sneak into other apps perhaps?).

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