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Apple, the company famously known for it’s gadgets such as the iPhone is now rumored to be working on an apple car. Apple has step foot in nearly every domain to exist in the tech world but the automobile industry remains unexplored by them. Rumours suggest that the car will be a self driven one with capabilities that’ll remind you of tesla cars. It would be the biggest AI project undertaken by apple. Secrecy inside and outside apple is top notch so not much is known about this car as of now.

When working on cars, you can’t really hide much. Such is the case with apple. They have been seen testing out self driving software on cars on the public roads of California. Since they lack any experience in this field, apple is forced to partner with other companies. Rumors suggest a partnership between apple and Hyundai for the release of the all now apple car.


Apple car: Design and capabilities


Initially, It was planned that there would be four seats facing each other allowing for face to face conversation between passengers and a curved roof much like Volkswagen’s beetle. Now, with the design heading towards a more traditional look and standard design. All the above seem like a forgotten dream. There is no confirmation over what the final design will be like.

Ipad Control

It is being said that the apple car will feature an ipad like device in middle that gives users control over the central panel. This resembles tesla’s design. The device will be integrated with current apple gadgets.


Bloomberg, Apple’s silicon engineering group is working on the processor of this car. It is their greatest project ever. The chip for the apple car is rumored to have the power of 4 MACs and can handle complex AI tasks. Bloomberg is the same group that makes chips for macs, iPhones and other gadgets. 

Safety features

Safety is a big concern of apple. They’re trying to beat tesla and other such companies in matters of safety. Engineers are engaged in developing backups to deal with emergency driving system failures.


Apple has undertaken to develop a brand new battery system that would greatly reduce prices and increase lifetimes. They’re doing this by creating a “mono cell” battery to reduce additional space taken up by battery materials.

Charging will be done through CGS or combined charging system. It is the same one used by other electric cars such as tesla etc. This allows apple car users to utilize normal charging stations.


Apple is then again taking usability into convenience and looking out for it’s customers. They’re reported to have had talks with suppliers of LIDAR sensors that supply sensors cheaper and less bulky than the ones currently in market. This is being done to increase mass production. Wenmao will be responsible for production. The same company that is responsible for LIDAR sensors for iphones.


Apple car still remains a mystery with it’s many features being completely unknown and the ones that are known aren’t confirmed and there is a big factor of doubt over everything currently being said about it. Initially, Apple wanted to completely revolutionize everything and make a self driving car never seen before with zero interaction with user and a car that is completely autonomous but as of now, They’ve taken a step back from this after realizing the scale of this project and plan to release a standard electric car much like the tesla but nothing can be expected to be released before 2028.

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