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Apple is not a name unknown to many in the world of tech. Enjoying it’s position as number 1 in the forefront of technological advancement, This company has contributed greatly to the cause of cybersecurity. Though there are many factors that distinguish it from it’s competitors. Our focus in this article will be their contributions to cyber security and how they’ve helped create a safe atmosphere for their users.

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Secure Operating Systems

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For the comfort, convenience and safety of their loyal customers. Apple develops their very own operating systems for their devices which include iOS, macOS, watchOS, and iPadOS. These operating systems are designed keeping in mind usability, user experience, safety and convenience. With an emphasis on safety to protect the rights of their customers, These operating systems are usually designed with advanced safety features including:-

  • sandboxing
  • secure boot
  • data encryption
  • regular security updates

App Store Policies

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Apple has very strict reviews and laws regarding what apps are available on it’s app store. Developers have to go through a rigorous process of review from apple itself before their apps are available for download by ios users. This helps weed out potentially malicious software because it is never made available for download.

Privacy Protections

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Apple is famously known for their strict hold on user’s privacy. Their have been many instances where they’ve clashed with other companies when it came to their user’s privacy such as when they refused to let facebook store data on their users. A decision that caused Facebook great financial loss and another instance is when they went head to head with the FBI. Apple strongly upholds the privacy of their customers and is non compromising on this matter.

Hardware Security Features

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Apple, for the privacy and safety of it’s users incorporates many hardware security features into it’s devices. Known for innovation, they always come with new updates to contribute to cyber security.Additionally, Their custom-designed chips, such as the M1 chip, include security enhancements to protect against hardware-based attacks. Hardware security features include

  1. Secure Enclave
  2. SoC security.
  3. Face ID and Touch ID
  4. Hardware microphone disconnect.
  5. Express Cards with power reserve.

Bug Bounty

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Apple operates a bug bounty program where it promotes people to find bugs by giving them money prizes in return. Giving people an incentive to cyber security and safeguarding the privacy of it’s users. By incentivizing responsible disclosure, They can quickly address security issues and improve the overall security of their products. The bug bounty program creates somewhat of a culture where cyber security specialists are rewarded for their work and create a safer environment for ios users.

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