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Introduction to apple

Apple, one of the biggest companies in tech at the forefront of technological advancement in 2024 with a market value of more than 3 trillion dollars is known and loved by billions across the globe. They have products internationally successful such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac with new models being released annually. You’re probably living under a rock if you don’t know about apple in 2024. It is quite often discussed here on itechglam. Behind all this success are a few factors that distinguish it from others of it’s kind. We will discuss 5 of these. 

Integrated devices

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Apple offers integration all over. It isn’t limited only to software but encompasses hardware as well. This enhances user friendliness and takes the user experience to an unprecedented level in tech history. It would be far more convenient for someone with an iPhone to buy an apple tv rather than a normal one since apple tv would be integrated with his or her iPhone. This ecosystem creates a cohesive user experience, fostering brand loyalty and making it convenient for users to stay within the Apple ecosystem.

Exceptional Design

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The folks at apple don’t just focus on what’s inside your device. They’re well aware that in these times the exterior matters as well. They give far more importance to their product design team than other companies. This has been discussed before as well but inside apple. The design team is placed above the engineering team meaning that initial designs are carried down to the engineering team and the manufacture is executed so that final products don’t have an “engineered” look which is the case with their competitors in the market giving apple a fan following of people who love aesthetics.


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Innovation is their middle name. A key factor in apple’s market strategy setting them apart from their competitors in a league of their own is their commitment to innovation and excellence. Always aiming for the next best thing, they aim to enhance the user experience as much as possible and will curb a 100 projects for that one final one which will shake the tech world to it’s core.Apple’s brand is synonymous with innovation, quality, and exclusivity. Its marketing campaigns are highly effective at creating buzz and generating anticipation for new products.

Retail strategy

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They aim for excellence in every domain possible. They have full control over their outlets everywhere with unique architectural designs that represent the superior aesthetic of the overall company. They offer the best customer service experience for their users making them standout in the market. It’s control over outlets allows them to ensure consistency in the presentation of its products and provide personalized assistance to customers, enhancing the overall brand experience. Their retail strategy is praiseworthy and is a contributing factor to their success.

User privacy

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They have gone head to head with the fbi on the matters of user privacy and security not even allowing facebook to collect data on it’s users. They take the privacy of their customers very seriously and are aware that it is a matter that should be dealt with with great concern for their customer’s wellbeing and satisfaction. Apple prioritizes user privacy and security, implementing robust encryption standards and privacy features across its products and services. This commitment to protecting user data distinguishes Apple from competitors and resonates with consumers increasingly concerned about privacy issues.

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