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Apple is one of the biggest companies currently in tech in 2024. What started off a your regular startup in Steve jobs’s garage has now turned the world upside down with their innovative products that just keep on increasing. There are certain facts about this company that distinguish it from it’s competitors and though this topic has been discussed before from another perspective here. Here are five facts about their corporate culture which makes apple’s work environment the birthplace of innovation and success.

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Think Different by Apple

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If we look at any company’s corporate culture, what immediately comes to mind is their mission. A mission that unites all employees to work towards one cause. In apple’s case, their core message has always been to “think different”. This makes their company the breeding grounds for innovation in modern times. Employees at apple are always encouraged to work towards the next best thing rather than focusing on minor changes that have no overall benefit to the company’s vision.

Steve Jobs as an Inspiration

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Steve jobs and his story has served as an inspiration for all, Customers and employees alike. His story combined with his position as the founder of the leading company is what gives character to apple and drives it forward towards success. He serves not only as a boss but a leader to the employees working under him. 

Apple's language

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Apple has created a sort of unique language for itself. A simple linguistic strategy that goes a long way in promoting their products and market success. The use of the letter “i” with all their products like the iPhone, iPad etc gives their users more sense of ownership over their products. This leads to somewhat of an apple culture with loyal customers that would always choose them over any other competitor.

Customers come first

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A remarkable customer service team leads to phenomenal user experience and top notch customer satisfaction making grounds for positive company culture. Known for their focus on user privacy and security, apple keeps customers on top as first priority over everything else which has even lead to a few clashes with other companies like when they refused to let facebook store data on their users costing facebook a lot of financial loss.

Market strategy

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In an era of online stores and instagram pages, apple took a different and more innovative approach to displaying it’s products. Owning thousands of stores worldwide, They have direct contact with their users by their sleek and beautifully designed stores all over the globe to attract buyers. This approach surprised even their competitors who were more focused on making a presence online rather than in the real world. This practice of displaying their products is highly similar to how jewelry is sold in markets. It creates an innovative display ritual which proved extremely beneficial for business. 


We can summarize this whole discussion as apple’s corporate culture is a breeding ground for success and innovation due to these 5 main reasons:-

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