Amazon: 5 Tools To Use To Find Best Selling Products

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Every seller on amazon wants to sell the next best thing in the market. If you’re someone selling on amazon but are confused on what your next product should be then this article is for someone exactly like you. Straight from amazon themselves, Here is a list of 5 tools you should be utilizing for your next big sale.

Amazon best sellers list

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A best sellers list is available from amazon which will allow you to predict whether your idea has the potential to make it there. You can browse this list for free to see which items are currently at the top in the market. This list is updated frequently and can be a good source for making market prediction and determine theoretically whether you can make the cut or not. Weigh your odds and take the risk.

Best sellers rank

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Look through each product’s Best seller’s rank (BSR). Surf the site and gaze through different keywords to research manually on your topic. You should product listing’s Product Information section. Some products can have more than one BSR if they cater to multiple categories. BSR can be very handy for a seller in making market predictions to influence future decisions. This metric tracks recent as well as old data on a product’s performance with respect to sales.

Movers & Shakers

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Movers and shakers is a list that tracks the products with the most gains in sales rank over the previous 24 hours. It is updated on an hourly basis. Simply by choosing any category and you’ll be able to find

  • The top 100 products in performance
  • Product’s previous ranking
  • Increase in sales rank
  • Stars and reviews
  • Price range

Be on the lookout for Hot new releases

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If you have an idea that you think might perform well in the market then make sure to have an eye on amazon’s hot new releases to develop an idea on how similar products are performing to figure out if your product can be the next best thing you’d wish for it to be.

Utilize Product opportunity explorer

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If you want to get into the analytics of the top products trending in the market then product opportunity explorer will allow you to access a detailed analysis of trending products. These will be across various niches like :-

  1. Buyer’s behavior
  2. Reviews and rating
  3. Seasonality of the product
  4. Search volume
  5. Average units sold
  6. Average price
  7. Number of sellers
  8. Launch date of products

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