So far 2024 has proved to be the year of Generative AI. With every company in tech setting foot in the world of AI and the increased popularity of chatbots like ChatGPT. Apple is rumored to be working on generative AI as well. Here is everything we know up till now.

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Rumors suggest that Apple is working on some sort of “Apple GPT” bot that could be launched in the future.

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AI development at apple

Apple’s AI chief  John Giannandrea who reports directly to CEO Tim Cook supposedly took up projects on conversational AI a few years ago and work since then has only piled up. Since the past few months, The team at apple has been working on an “Apple GPT” which is supposed to rival the extremely popular ChatGPT. According to Mark Guman, Working on AI has now become a priority and the company is in work of designing a framework for large language models.

They supposedly has an internal chatbot that needs special permission to use and is only utilized by their own engineers. It has been termed as AppleGPT by many engineers but that name would never be used commercially. The chatbot can’t be used to add features for customers but is able to answer questions regarding the data that was used to train it. “Ajax” (The framework apple is working on)  is said to be more capable than chatGPT 3.5 but newer released of OpenAI after April 2023 are said to be more powerful.

A clear strategy is still lacking in their practice but research in AI is currently underway with millions of dollars being spent on the daily.

"Ask" in applecare


Apple is currently testing a new AI program called “Ask” for customer service. This is in it’s beta stage right now and not fully released. It pulls out answers to technical questions from their internal database so answers are factual and traceable. Customers are allowed to ask 5 follow up questions and rate the AI tool’s answer as well.

AI and Siri

They plan to incorporate AI into the well known voice assistant “Siri”. In February of 2023, A summit was held where employees were briefed on the plan to incorporate AI language models into siri. This won’t happen in a day or two but can take up to years due to siri’s design. John Burkey ( Siri engineer) told the New York Times  that each time a new phrase has to be added into siri, the whole database must be revised which takes up to 6 weeks and the addition of more advanced features can take up to a year.

There also arise privacy concerns that must be dealt with to go through with their plan. Latest reports suggest that they are aiming to make a smarter version of siri that has better user personalization, improved conversation ability, changes the way it interacts with the message app and can solve complex queries with ease allowing automation of multi step tasks. It might also be available cross device.

Current AI features in apple devices

AI features and machine learning is already used in many of their devices. Here is a list of known AI technology incorporated in their devices:-

  1. Camera: Photos taken from the iPhone are enhanced using AI technology. 
  2. Search: Spotlight search and search throughout ios is powered by AI.
  3. Visual lookup: This feature lets iPhone detect content in photos.
  4. Crash detection: Sensors in apple devices detect whether someone has been in an accident or not.
  5. ECG: This feature detects your heart rhythm for any abnormalities.
  6. Autocorrect: This feature looks for any words that it perceives as mistyped and corrects them. It is a machine learnt feature.


Almost every tech company has a major AI product these days making the field of AI more and more competitive as time passes. ChatGPT isn’t the only popular AI chatbot out there. Many others from Google, Microsoft, Amazon have been released.

  • Google released Gemini
  • Microsoft powered with openAI to empower it’s bing search engine with AI.
  • Amazon is working to enhance Alexa.

CEO Tim Cook on AI

CEO Tim Cook, the iPhone maker, says in AI he sees

incredible breakthrough potential for generative AI, which is why we're currently investing significantly in this area. We believe that will unlock transformative opportunities for users when it comes to productivity, problem solving and more."

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