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You could call 2024 AI’s era. In today’s era of modern technology, We have reached the point where coded programs are preforming tasks previously done by humans. Now, The question on everyone’s mind is that if AI can write, make art then is there a need for designers, writers, editors anymore? A layman might look at this scenario and think that AI will replace designers but let’s see what Randal Cumming, CEO of CGI backgrounds has to say about this 


Based on that history and the conversations I’ve had over the last year, I know that AI will never replace human designers–but it will make them vastly more productive.
Randal Cumming
CEO, CGI backgrounds

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AI and the visual average

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Many people seem to have this misconception that AI works from scratch, that when you input a query in DALL E or any other AI software. The image produced is totally new never seen before. In fact, the image that is produced is average. Average here isn’t meant to degrade it as low quality. The image admittedly can be quite appealing but we mean average in it’s literal sense. The image produced by AI is an average of billions of existing images on the topic

If no one had designed an image on let’s say “car” then ai would have no reference point to create it’s image from. It is the result of pre existing human effort that our computers are able to do something. The New York Times has also written on this topic claiming that AI images are essentially how the computer thinks humans imagine the world to be. It is an ideal not reality.


Brands are more than images

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When it comes to branding and what brands are. It’s imperative to note that a brand is represented not only by it’s images, videos, market strategy etc but rather, there is a whole story to it. The key to business is to have a good story behind your idea. This requires human emotion, something impossible for AI to achieve. Brands have to tell a story and can’t realistically let a computer dictate their business and if make the mistake, they would end up with a dull and bland idea that noone wants to buy.

We’ve touched on this website before how one of apple, a leading brand in tech right now, enjoys it’s position as number 1 due to the story it sells with it’s founder Steve Jobs being an inspiration. Without his story, apple would be a bland company lacking soul and personality.

The originality of human design

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A computer may expand upon an idea created by a human but it could never replace the originality of the human mind. That’s what we’re going for here in this article. Designers shouldn’t be afraid of artificial intelligence but they should use it to their advantage. Having your designs laid out for you instantly gives you an edge to see how your idea will perform before it is ever even released. To then expand upon this already made version is where your creativity and the assistance of artificial intelligence comes into play.

A good designer has a striking balance between innovation and familiarity in his or her work. Your design should be relatable and new at the same time to the human mind. It may strike as something never seen before but the idea behind it will definitely be familiar to your audience. There is no need for designers to fear computers.

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