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If you’re an iPhone user, you most likely carry your iPhone with you wherever you go and with the rise in modern technology. It seems like every day we discover more and more about these portable gadgets and the impact that they’ve had on our lives but have you ever wondered if in a life threatening situation, Could your smartphone be of any use to you?. We often hear in the news how someone’s life was saved through their phone but how much truth is there to those headlines? Here are 7 ways your iPhone could potentially save your life.

Emergency SOS: call services on your iPhone

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The iPhone has a feature where you can make emergency sos calls and alert local authorities on your whereabouts. The way this feature operates might differ based on country and region for example In China, users have to choose which service they want to call which includes fire, police or ambulance. Earlier models might have required cellular data for this to operate but iPhone 14 and above do not require data and operate through satellite. The emergency sos feature also sends a text to the relevant authority after the call has ended informing them of your whereabouts. Read more about this feature on Apple’s Official website.

Medical ID

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The health app on your iPhone has the ability to store necessary medical information incase of an emergency. This helps first responders treat you in case of a medical emergency. Details stored include allergies, medications, and emergency contacts. This information can be accessed even when the phone is locked. To set up your medical ID in your iPhone, Go to Health app>summary tab>tap profile picture>medical ID> tap edit. To make it accessible from your lock screen, Turn on “show when locked”.

Find my iPhone

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This feature helps locate missing devices and it’s usability extends from normal iPhones to iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, AirPods, or Beats headphones (supported models only). This only works if you have it turned on. Before we continue, it should be noted that the find my iPhone feature works only in certain regions and countries. It operates by showing the device on your map, If the device is online then it plays a certain sound for you to find it more easily and if it is offline then no sound is played.

Weather alerts

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Weather alerts can be a big life saver. They allow users to navigate daily activities in the face of changing weather conditions but these are more helpful in places where there is possibility of hurricanes, tornados or any other extreme weather condition that could be threatening to human life. Proper awareness in the face of danger can allow users to make more well informed decisions and precautions to save themselves and others around them.

Driving safety

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The “Do not disturb while driving” feature can automatically detect when you are driving and will silence all incoming notifications. This prevents users from getting distracted while driving. This feature can help save many lives as a lot of accidents occur on the road due to a lack of focus. According to Forbes, 396 people were killed in 2020 as a result of texting while driving and 430 people died in 2019 due to the same reason. Apple has done a noble act by introducing this feature. It can be enabled manually in settings by Settings>Control centre> Customize controls> Do not disturb while driving.

Health and fitness tracking

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It has a feature where it allows for health metrics such as heart rate and activity levels to be tracked. If any unusual change in these is observed, The user is notified instantly about it so as to avoid future complications regarding health. This feature can prevent many conditions that could prove to be fatal if left unchecked. The Health app not only uses your phone but also iPads and apple watches with built in sensors are utilized to collect relevant data. Learn more about the Health app on apple’s official website.

Emergency apps and services

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Other than all the innate features which are offered by apple mentioned above. The appstore has many additional apps that could be utilized at time of need to inform one about the nearest hospital etc. Communication apps like WhatsApp and Instagram on the appstore can also be used to call for help. These do not come with your smartphone but have to be separately downloaded. Nonetheless, they are just as useful.

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