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The year is 2024 and technology is on the rise. Living in the digital age where iPhones and macbooks rule the world, where you get to see something new every other day. Here is our personalized list of 7 apps that every iPhone user must have in 2024.

1. Blinklist

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Blinkist is a unique app designed for individuals enthusiastic about self improvement but can’t give it too much time. Serving as an excellent library of knowledge, Blinkist transforms non-fiction books into small, easy to read insights, or “blinks.” Users can absorb the key points of bestselling books across various genres in a matter of minutes through text or audio formats. With a vast library covering topics from business and psychology to health and technology, Blinkist appeals to diverse audiences. The app not only allows users to stay up to date about the latest ideas and trends but also assists learning in a fast-paced world.

Blinkist is a valuable tool for those seeking intellectual and personal growth without committing to full-length book readings, making it an efficient and accessible resource for people willing to learn. This app turns your iPhone into a digital library

2. Camscanner

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CamScanner is a handy mobile app that transforms your iPhone into a portable document scanner. With intuitive functionality, users can capture high-quality scans of physical documents, receipts, notes, and more. The app utilizes advanced post processing features to make up for any loss on quality, ensuring clarity and readability. CamScanner also offers features for cropping, editing, and organizing scanned documents, providing a convenient way to create digital documents. Its cloud integration allows seamless storage and synchronization across multiple devices, making documents easy to access at any time, anywhere. Whether for business professionals needing quick access to contracts or students saving lecture notes, CamScanner proves to be a reliable and efficient tool for managing all necessary documents.


3. Shazam

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Shazam has completely changed the way we engage with music, making it an indispensable app for listeners worldwide. Boasting a simple yet powerful concept, Shazam allows users to identify songs by capturing a snippet of the audio. The app has praiseworthy features of identifying songs, singers and albums within seconds. Beyond its core identification feature, Shazam is also integrated with many streaming platforms, enabling users to seamlessly access full tracks, build playlists, and explore related content. Social features allow users to share their music with friends and family. Shazam has become a handy tool you must have on your iPhone. Never again will you have to sit on your bed wondering for hours where you recognize those 15 seconds of audio from you just heard on a youtube video.

4. Darksky

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Dark Sky stands out as a leading weather app, providing hyper-local weather forecasts with precision and accuracy. Known for its minute-by-minute rain predictions, Dark Sky provides users with up-to-the-minute weather data specific to their exact location. The app’s amazing interface displays comprehensive weather information, including temperature trends, storm alerts, and radar maps, ensuring users are ready for changing weather conditions. Dark Sky’s emphasis on accuracy and its ability to provide short-term forecasts make it a valuable tool for those who require immediate updates on weather. With a focus on simplicity and user friendliness, Dark Sky enhances the user experience, offering a simple yet explanatory solution for staying informed about the ever-changing elements in one’s atmosphere.

The app’s attention to detail and commitment to real-time data make it a trusted companion for individuals navigating daily activities in changing weather conditions.

5. Notion

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Notion is a handy app to have on your iPhone that has altered the way users organize and collaborate. Combining note-taking, project management, and collaboration tools, Notion provides a unified workspace for individuals and teams. Its friendly interface allows users to create pages, databases, and tasks easily, fostering a dynamic and customizable organizational environment. With features like real-time collaboration and integration with other apps, Notion adapts to different workflows. From personal to professional use, Notion empowers users to streamline information, enhance productivity, and build tailored systems for managing their digital lives. The app’s flexibility makes it a favorite among those seeking a comprehensive and adaptable organizational solution.


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Pocket is a must-have app on your iPhone for reading enthusiasts. Serving as a digital bookmark, it allows users to save articles, videos, and web content for later use. With a simple tap, users can store interesting finds to Pocket, creating a digital library that’s accessible offline. The app’s friendly interface and seamless integration with various browsers make it easy to save and organize content from the web. Whether for research, leisure, or any other reason, Pocket enhances the reading experience by providing a centralized hub for diverse content, ensuring that users never miss out on content.

7. Headspace

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Headspace is a leading meditation and mindfulness app that guides users on a journey towards improved mental well-being. With a user-friendly interface and a diverse range of meditation sessions, Headspace makes mindfulness accessible to beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. The app offers guided exercises for stress reduction, better sleep, and increased focus, promoting emotional resilience. Featuring bite-sized meditations and mindfulness exercises, Headspace seamlessly integrates into daily routines. Its soothing animations and calming narrations by co-founder Andy Puddicombe create a serene experience, making it a go-to resource for those seeking a healthier and more balanced mind in the midst of life’s demands.

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