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The world of technology doesn’t stop progressing and as a software engineer in these rapidly changing times, you can not afford to be left behind. The market grows tougher with every passing day and in order to stand out from the crowd, you need to have the knowledge to be on par with everyone or perhaps even ahead. If you lack resources and fall behind due to a lack of awareness and information, it’ll ultimately be your own loss. Here are five paid subscriptions that every software engineer must have in 2024.

Kagi: The software engineer's search engine

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The main aim with kagi is to be better than google, using AI to enhance user experience, Kagi search engine has specific advantages over traditional search engines like google. It utilizes artificial intelligence to deliver relevant responses to user queries enabling seamless navigation and quick access to information. Much like apple, It also gives high priority to user privacy, safeguarding information on it’s users through enabling seamless navigation and quick access to information. It adapts to user needs through real time updates and recommendations. Kagi is ideal for software engineers in 2024. 

Github copilot

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Powered by AI, The Github copilot works by suggesting content based on previous history whenever you’re writing. This boosts productivity to a higher level than without copilot and is extremely beneficial for software engineers because it saves a lot of time over trivial repetitive things. You get to spend a lot less time on the boring parts of software engineering and can focus on the engaging bits more. Some of the things copilot will help you save time on include:-

  1. Boilerplate functions
  2. Small things you would normally have to look up
  3. Writing test cases

Assistance in coding makes GitHub copilot an essential tool for software engineers.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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Many software engineers use AWS for the following services:-

  1.  hosting applications
  2. storing data
  3. running serverless functions

AWS offers different subscription plans based on usage, with options for additional support depending on what your project requires. Amazon Web services or AWS is basically a cloud computing platform that offers a variety of services including computing power, storage, databases, machine learning, and more. It is a helpful tool for every software engineer since it caters to businesses of all sizes, whether they be startups or enterprises.


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Slack is a powerful communication tool used by software engineers in the workplace to enhance communication. It hosts many versatile features which include:-

  • messaging
  • file sharing
  • integration with third party apps

It centralizes communication and minimizes dependence on emails.ts organized channels facilitate structured discussions, while customizable notifications ensure timely responses. You can easily retrieve past conversations and files on slack. With robust security measures and compliance options, Slack ensures data protection and confidentiality, making it a trusted choice for teams across industries to collaborate efficiently and effectively.


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As emphasized in the beginning of this article, learning is a big part of a software engineer’s life because you can not afford to be behind the world. In these rapidly changing times, Being unaware is something you as a software engineer can not afford. This is where udemy comes into play, An online learning platform that offers paid courses worth every buck that they are priced for. Paid subscriptions to online learning platforms like Pluralsight or Udemy provide access to a vast library of courses and tutorials on programming languages, software development methodologies, and emerging technologies.

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